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Welcome to Edwards Family Publishing, the on-line home of the Edwards family.

Our hope and longing is that here you find Hope and a Future, in relationship with the Risen Jesus. He is reaching out to you today with His selfless, wondrous, love and longs to share in your life, bringing His JOY,  Laughter and abundant life to your world.

We count it a huge privilege that you've chosen to visit us here and we hope and pray you leave knowing He has touched you, in whatever situation you are in. If we can be a further part of that process, then do please leave us your details and subscribe to us, and we will get back to you.

Here you will find Jim's books, and blog posts. Check here for details of new books, fresh insight and revelation.

We all love photography so we hope you enjoy some of our highlights as we wonder at the beauty and grandeur of Father's creation, that He's so freely given to us.

All photos here on this site have been taken by members of the family.



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Our Recent Posts

Your Covid 19 Vaccine Psalm 91

Springtime 2020

Living and Breathing Ephesians to Philemon

now available.

Heavenly Vitamins by

  Val Edwards

now available.

Living and Breathing the Psalms is a raw, and very personal prayer journey.

This is not a translation or paraphrase.

Living and Breathing Romans to Galatians  

now available.

Nullifying God's free gifts.

Yet another translation

of the Epistles.

An amplified paraphrase with notes and cross references.

Living and Breathing Hebrews to Jude

now available.

Spring Flowers

and apologies.

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