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Mercy - God's Mighty Covenant Assistance for you.

Mercy is covenant assistance, and its roots tell us a lot about the nature and character of our Heavenly Father, and His Love and Commitment to you and I and to His Covenant promises.


God is a God of Covenant. So this book illustrates and explains what a 'blood covenant' actually is and compares and contrasts the different covenants God has made, and why He makes them.


God has repeatedly bound Himself with covenants. Why? Because He wants to bless people outrageously, and He wants each of us to be in absolutely no doubt as to His intentions for us now. Would you like to be included?


Jesus cut a very binding 'blood covenant' with His Father, on our behalf, at the cross. This book spells out just what is included for us and how we are to draw on it.


ISBN-13:    978-1523342068

ISBN-10:    15323342064 

ASIN:         B01LWBKJRC


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