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Living and Breathing Romans to Galatians

Living and Breathing Romans to Galatians is an easy reading paraphrase of the Epistles. Here are Paul’s letters to these embryonic early churches.


Guarded, and carefully copied through the centuries for us, they are now unravelled in a fresh way, in the everyday language of the twenty-first century. They are amplified to explain the revelation Paul personally received from Jesus that he was so concerned to share with everyone.


Here is Paul’s heart revealed, alongside the price he paid to share this Good News of Jesus, that the same Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus wants to live in each one of us too.


The reality of the promises, the prayers and the truths of this wonderful Good News that Jesus poured out His Life to bring us, is vibrantly brought to life. While Holy Spirit’s life-changing, heart-changing, healing power to comfort, to save, to deliver, to restore, and to bring hope is here laid out for us.


Alongside the text, are thought-provoking study questions, notes and cross-references, to unveil the enormity of all that Jesus won for us, and to reveal our Heavenly Father’s wondrous heart of love; His longing to know and be known, by us all.


ISBN-13: 978-1727130621

ISBN-10: 1727130626

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