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  • Jim Edwards

Living and Breathing Ephesians to Philemon now available.

This is the third and final volume on the Epistles, covering Paul’s epistles from Ephesians through to Philemon.

Here’s my personal, easy-to-read translation, turning these 2000-year-old letters into personal letters to you.

Living and Breathing Ephesians to Philemon comes complete with study questions and notes, in a similar format to the earlier two volumes. This makes for easy reading of the main text to simply soak in the Word, but also easy studying with the notes and cross-references directly opposite the main text.

For some of the highlights, Here Paul spells out the fine detail of the specific revelation that Father God had entrusted to him.

He outlines the wonder of having Holy Spirit living in you and me – yes - the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! He spells out what this ‘risen life’ looks like, and how to do it.

He spells out the highest place of honor that Jesus has been appointed to, and the authority at the back of His Name that He expects us to use.

He highlights the importance of thanksgiving and being filled with Joy.

He writes of the intent, and beauty of marriage – a man and wife in covenant relationship, but goes on to point out that this commitment and intimacy is a portrayal of the relationship God wishes to have with each of us.

Here are Paul’s first letters with their immediate expectancy of Jesus’ return in a military type of take-over of the Roman Empire. And side by side are Paul’s last where he has come to see that the Lord is bringing a spiritual take-over through the believers as the Church, and this Kingdom is destined to cover the whole earth.

Here are letters to his most trusted helpers with very personal advice on many issues that we still face today, such as the qualities to look for in those to appoint to office in the Church, the importance of our words and the need to watch that our behavior is an exemplary example for others to follow.

Now available from Amazon

Reviews needed, so please contact me with your name, shipping address and telephone number (Amazon does insist on having a telephone number)

If you can promise me a review, I will be delighted to send you a copy.

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