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  • Jim Edwards

Living and Breathing Romans to Galatians now available on Amazon

Yes, I finally got Romans to Galatians completed and published in early 2019.

Just how working to improve your relationship with Father God can so readily result in you loosing everything – ouch!

Here is Paul’s personal revelation spelled out, that Holy Spirit wants to come and live in everyone – with absolutely no distinction between men and women, children and adults, rich and poor, Jewish, Anglican, Pentecostal, Evangelical or whatever…

Here Paul spells out just what this Holy Spirit anointing looks like – what He does when He comes to live in you and me.

Here Paul lists the beatings and shipwrecks he’s experienced because of his efforts to tell everyone of the Wonderful Good News of Jesus­ – quite horrific!

Here Paul spells out the difference between religion and living out a life filled with Holy Spirit, the difference between living out a life of rules or freedom – but freedom to what?!?

So just what truth had so bewitched the Galatians - and still bewitches huge swathes of Christendom today – and so easily ensnares you and I too.

Reviews needed, so please contact me with your name, shipping address and telephone number (Amazon does insist on having a telephone number) if you can promise me a review.

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