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  • Jim Edwards

Springtime UK 2020

For us in the UK, springtime has come once more, though it has been so wet we could be forgiven for scarcely noticing! It has made photographing in sunshine difficult.

But our spring flowers have been out in abundance to remind us:

Primroses seem to be the first to make their appearance even as early as the first week in January.

And these have had to contend with swollen rivers and major flooding.

This is Amberly Wildbrooks, a classic river floodplain, that would be flooded much of the winter. But with modern drainage it rarely floods, let alone as much as this.

The gorse in the local heathland caught the warm glow of the late afternoon winter sunshine.

Then the crocuses emerge in all of their fiery colours, though this year they seem to have been more spoiled or trampled on than usual:

One of our favourite haunts is West Dean Gardens. Here is this lovely old chestnut tree:

The apple orchard was quite amazing:

There will be lots more daffodils to come in the next post, but here’s a taster to whet your appetite. Here’s another favourite place – Bosham harbour and church:

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