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Photography Heaven

31st May 2018

I’ve left it too late for a blog on our spring flowers, but last Tuesday we went to Exbury Gardens. [] We caught this at the perfect moment when all the azaleas were in their prime. It was a delightfully hot day with clear blue sky and full sun. In a day of wonderful photography, I took some 500 photos nearly all of which are stunning, so I have something of a problem choosing a few for this blog! And such a collection will certainly give me a problem as to how I follow this for my next photographic blog...

Once again I'm experimenting with the automatic sending of these blog posts, so please bear with me if the formatting leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't yet found out how to send a trial version to myself only, as a test.

Colours cascade down to the floor.

The rich colour of our flowers is often washed out by bright sunshine, but not this time. The sun was bringing them out as the petals glowed effervescent.

All of this sweeping colour is made up of the most wonderful individual blooms, like these.

But a picture paints a thousand words

One only had to point the camera, everywhere you looked!

Colour and more colour

An artist was painting this wild collection.


Towering above us glowing in every shade imaginable, down to the grass.

And then one turned a corner

to this dappled glade:



Thank you Jesus!

As always with the photos on the site or in the blog posts, these are all taken by myself or maybe in the future by other members of the family. If you would like a high resolution copy, we will gladly sell it to you. As for these photos, none have been colour-corrected or enhanced. Some have been lightly cropped to fit. This really was one of those days. The difficult part has been trying to select just a few out of so many.

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