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  • Jim Edwards

Living and breathing the Epistles

I was giving away copies of Living and Breathing the Psalms and was invited by Eileen Watson of the International Writers Fellowship based in Bethel, Redding, California to share something of the journey with a group of fellow writers. The inevitable question to emerge was what book in the Bible was I going to work on next, after the Psalms?

I did not readily warm to the idea of doing something resembling a genuine translation of any book of the Bible. However I did not take lightly the suggestions coming from fellow writers, in their response to Living and Breathing the Psalms. At this point I was looking forward to getting back to the other books on my list, but I sensed something of Holy Spirit on this. So I experimented with perhaps my favourite of the epistles, Hebrews, and also Romans. Almost instantly I came to realize the Lord was giving me fresh language and a very fresh way of expressing these wonderful letters to open them up to today’s reader. In sharing this back with Eileen Watson and Jenn Harbour, an Australian from Perth, they encouraged me to press on, as also was a very precious sense of the Lord’s presence, anointing and approval. My hope and prayer is that He quickens His Presence to you too, as you read this new translation of the epistles.

The first volume covers the letters from Hebrews to Jude - or all those not written by Paul. This will be published soon, as I have one last round of formatting edits to complete, before running of proof copies for endorsement. Please see the books page on the website here.

The essential translation is all on the right hand page with study questions, notes and references on the left so making for easy reading, or easy study.

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