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  • Jim Edwards

Epistles in Kindle Store

At last! Epistles in Kindle.

All three books making up the Epistles are now available in Kindle format. This makes for easy reading of the biblical text on any device.

The cross-references, notes and study questions are all hyperlinked. In the Kindle format these all end up as a block of links at the end of the document. In these books, this of course is almost as long as the translation text itself.

So for study, I recommend the block of hyperlinks be looked at on a second device. This enables these comments to be readily looked at in parallel with the main text.

Living and Breathing Romans to Galatians Amazon Kindle ASIN: B08WJ8ZYKY

Living and Breathing Ephesians to Philemon Amazon Kindle ASIN: B08WPYZ3K2

Living and Breathing Hebrews to Jude Amazon Kindle ASIN: B08VW9G9ZT

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