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  • Jim Edwards

Your Covid 19 Vaccine Psalm 91

Psalm 91

Do you want to live absolutely safe and secure against all and anything… Do you want a place that’s absolutely safe? Then here’s how you build it… You have to pile-drive two deep foundation piles through as your foundation… Your relationship with the Lord, with Papa, Son and Holy Spirit, and the second is to align your words with that relationship. It takes time, energy and effort to drive these foundation piles deep, so daily you need to drive them down, further.

It is so easy to enter that relationship, to enter that secret place—simply ask Jesus to be Your Lord and Saviour, to forgive you for all your sin and to make everything new. But it takes a lifetime to explore His heart, and learn how to live His way. And what comes out of our mouths is a big key to that.

Here’s your daily confession, to get your tongue in gear:

1/ You Lord are my refuge,

2/ You Lord are my fortress,

3/ You Lord are the one person who I trust, absolutely.

Lord, I want to live my life out of my relationship with You, with You at the centre. Thank You for that secret place with You, Papa God, under Your mighty shadow—Your amazing protection and loving care. Oh, thank You for the security You give to me, to my heart and spirit.

Today and every day I declare that You are my God, my refuge and fortress. I trust in You, Lord, and You alone. I still my heart before You in trust.

Oh, thank You my Lord, my King Jesus, that You will deliver me from every snare of the enemy, every trip wire, and all of the traps the adversary lays to catch me out… and from every sickness and disease that’s running round, however contagious or nasty. And You don’t stop there but cover me with Your mighty wings—now that’s real protection to trust in.

Oh, thank You Lord that You are the Way, the Truth and the Life, and You are always, always True. Thank You that Your Truth is a big shield to cover every part of me, so fear has absolutely no part of my life, or my thought-life. Because of Your shield I have no fear of darkness or what may happen during the hours of darkness, or the arrows with my name on them fired in broad daylight. Equally I refuse to fear the disease that stalks the neighborhood at night, and the plague that sweeps through at noon—whether it’s cancer or Alzheimer’s, diabetes or kidney failure, because You, King Jesus, my Healer, paid for my healing and wholeness with the lacerations of the lashes laid on You, lashing every part of Your sinless body. You were reduced to being scarcely recognizable as a human, that I may know health and wholeness, and I don’t want Your sacrifice to have been in vain.

When a thousand all around me go down with the latest flu, and ten thousand with this winter’s cold, I declare it will not come to me, because You Jesus are my Lord and my God. Oh, thank You for this mighty promise, and the clear instructions as to how take the medicine—with Your promise on my lips. I will only be an onlooker to the problems and fruit of not knowing and loving You, my King. And it’s all because of You, my High King—my King Jesus, my refuge! Oh, I make You my refuge my hiding place, my home.

Oh, Thank You King Jesus for Your mighty guardian angels who You’ve assigned to take care of me. Thank You that with their care, absolutely none of these evil things are coming round my place, and no sickness or disease is putting up its bed for the night.

*** *** ***

And Oh, there’s so much more to Your Salvation that You won for me than I have even glimpsed at. Lord, I want to know You and understand more of all that You have done for me and for each of us. Lord, I want to know You so much more deeply than I do already. I want to understand what You accomplished for us so I can share it with others, that they too, can share in the Goodness You long for each of us to enjoy.

Jesus, I want to search Your amazing heart of love and reveal more of You to this world. The more I see, the more amazed I become—there really is no fathoming the depth of Your love for each and every one of us—so intimate—so free—so uncondemning—so enriching—so encouraging—so full of Your Glory, so kind. Oh, that I was better at demonstrating more of this—more of You Lord—Oh, how much more I need of You, Holy Spirit, in me.

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