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  • Jim Edwards

Begin at the Beginning

L iving and Breathing the Psalms caught me completely unawares.

I needed Psalm 126 for another book, and no translation expressed it in the way I wanted to, so I made my own. Then another, and another and I suddenly realised this was something from Papa’s own heart. And as I dared to embrace it, it came with an urgency and gripping on my heart and spirit to stop everything I possibly could, in order to do them all. I have been surprised when turning back to other modern translations at how totally different my wording and approach is, and often how different are the truths I have found.

I have tried to set down my own heart’s response in entering into what I understand the Psalmist to have been expressing. I am not suggesting that the Psalmists had the same comprehension of Papa God, of their Messiah, or of Holy Spirit that we have today, though there are many biblical instances that would indicate that they understood our perspective a lot more than we would normally think to give them credit for. But that is a discussion for elsewhere.

As God’s word inspired by Holy Spirit and intended to bless and enrich our lives today, these were written for our benefit as much as for Old Covenant believers. In mulling over my heart’s response, or in phrasing the issues expressed, I have often widened and expounded on the original intent.

Many Psalms, but not all, are prayer to the Lord, and can be expressed directly this way. Some include or infer His response; after all, prayer is a two-way conversation. It is never intended to be a monologue. And where the Psalmist hints at Praise and Worship, I give that expression—not as something I will do one day, but turn my heart to enter into right now, in the context of the situation or heart of that moment, as I would encourage you to do in your daily walk.

With many I have struggled and wrestled as to how to approach and what line to take, when suddenly…. So while those who know me may well say they recognise my wording and my style here, I know different—very different—thank You Holy Spirit. I hope I have done justice to Your incredible revelation and inspiration—to bring honour, praise and Glory to Jesus. Oh, thank You Jesus for all You are to me—You are so, so worth every honour I could bestow.

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