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  • Jim Edwards


31st May 2018

So sorry about the appalling formatting and broken link in yesterday's Blog Post. 

I have only just set up the auto-send feature, so I still have to experiment with the formatting and so on.

I just hope that this post is a whole lot better, as a test for working things out for the future.

And here's a link to the rest of the post for those that stopped at the broken link:

So as a little reward - our spring flowers have been out in the countryside around us, and I've caught a few of them - so here they are at high-res for you to enjoy.

And just when I really thought I'd made all the last changes I wanted to do this time around, I've just found another whole collection of small adjustments I needed to make to help the pages line up. Aaaah. Surely I must have caught all I need to by now! Oh I do hope so.

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